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We all sense that wireless communication is undergoing a tectonic change. We are seeing new network topologies such as Heterogeneous Networks and Cloud-RAN becoming a reality. Big data and communication signal processing are converging into a single IP core network, all virtually running on ubiquities hardware in behemoth data centers.

People will soon be able to roam seamlessly, not just between multiple wireless and cellular standards, as ASOCS has been advocating for a decade, but also in uncharted spectrums such as white space and person-to-person mesh networks.

Machines will soon be connected both to networks and each other in various communication technologies, all needing modem intelligence and reliability, at the scale of tens of billions of devices.

ASOCS mission is to become the technology of choice to enable all of these changes. We envision our technology deployed as part of the data center, designed into the smallest foot prints in Internet of Things (IoT) and used in consumer products supporting white spaces, 5G and beyond.

Founded in 2003, ASOCS develops and markets multi-core embedded processors that enable full software programmability of physical layer functions and algorithms. The ModemX® family of cores represents a revolutionary approach to communications and runs multiple, distinctly different communication air-interfaces concurrently on a single platform. ASOCS' solutions are licensed as silicon IP.

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