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Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) offers a revolutionary approach to next-generation cellular networks deployment, management and performance. C-RAN offers a clear and simple value proposition, by consolidating individual Base-station processing into a single or regional server farm. The use of CPU based platforms such as Intel's X86 offers further commoditization and network transparency.

CPU architectures do not support communication algorithms in a natural way and would highly benefit from a Modem Processing Unit (MPU) coupled with them.

ASOCS enables Baseband processing at the server level by providing several unique value proposition as a core-engine to such Modem Processing Units:

  • Low Cost/Low Power - ASOCS proven silicon ability to provide cost effective silicon IP (SIP) in the mobile space benefits infrastructure based applications.
  • Multi-Communications - At the heart of C-RAN is the goal to design to average and not peak use. For such statistical gain to remain sustainable the entire Baseband (BBU) processing must be multi-communication and support TDMA (2G), CDMA (3G) and OFDMA (4G) modulation schemes on the same configurable hardware.
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration - C-RAN calls for dynamic configuration of the MPU. ASOCS ModemX offers complete H/W reconfiguration in runtime allowing full or partial reconfiguration of the server. So, for example, a single server can support 4G sessions, or a mix of 4G/3G/2G sessions in runtime and with no reset.
  • Scalability - C-RAN would offer a clear upgrade into LTE-A and beyond. An architecture that can grow side by side with enhanced CPU performance is needed. ASOCS ModemX with its fine granularity and easy scalability is a perfect companion to such an approach.